River (sonarvampress) wrote,

LJ idol week 1- Jayus

My husband is in the Navy. When people hear that most people think "aw, poor you, it must be hard". Why, yes, yes it is, but not because he's away from home a lot. To be honest I enjoy my alone time. Sure, I miss him, but he also drives me crazy if he's home for too long. No, the thing that sucks about having a husband in the navy is the guy has no tact. You see, when stuck on a boat for long periods of time people somehow forget how to be a normal human being. Instead they turn into rude assholes.

My husband is the master of this. Recently, we were attending a super bowl party at church when I heard him say it. He actually said 'shit' in church. Who the hell says shit in church? Once he did it once, it was like a flood gate opened. The cursing continued for the next 30 minutes until I politely suggested we head home because the baby was tired. Or how about a few years back, we'd just met a friend of a friend, and my husband told a racist joke like it was nothing. Did I mention this friend was black and my husband was telling a black joke? Who would that ever be okay? Andre and I are still good friends, but I can't help but cringe at the idea of my husband being around him. It's not just black jokes either, this asshole actually tells Mexican jokes. My mother is half Mexican, I'm 1/4 Mexican, his daughter is 1/8th Mexican. Still, he thinks it's okay to talk about how many Mexicans can fit in a car. All races are fair game when you're a sailor, as are sex, and fart jokes. There's always the classic story about how he had to take a shit in the floor of his office on a bunch of news paper. No subject is off limits. He even likes to tell antidotes about our sex life.

So why do I put up with his shit? For one, he doesn't know any better.The guy comes from a different world where fuck is just an every day word, and everyone enjoys a racist joke. In the world of the US Navy, there is no such thing as too personal of a story. It's a strange place, but it's also a place where men and women work hard to support their family. It's a place where they are sent away for months at a time, working long hours, and being paid pennies for it. My husband makes sacrifices for our daughter and I. He loves us even if does think we are dirty Mexicans. Being married to a man in the Navy is not for the faint at heart, but luckily, I'm not exactly a classy lady.
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