River (sonarvampress) wrote,

My life is pretty boring right now. Being pregnant sucks. I really am not sure I want to do it again. I pretty much just sleep all day because I have no energy to do anything. That's supposed to be getting better because I'm in my second trimester now, but I don't see it happening. Nothing about my body is familiar at all. I have veins on my legs and boobs. My body is hairy and the hair is dark. I have to shave my legs like every other day as opposed to once a week before. I fart all day long. It's pretty disgusting. Of course I'm happy to be having a baby, but I also wouldn't mind if they accidentally removed my uterus while I was giving birth leaving me unable to suffer through this ever again. We find out the baby's gender on the first. We want to name it Honor if it's a girl but we don't have a boy name yet. So far we've got a list of probably 10 names we both like out of thousands and not one is a name we both like a lot. It'll be a name one person loves and the other just thinks is okay. It's really annoying me to the point that I hope the baby is a girl just so we don't have to agree on a boy name. However, the baby appears to have a cleft chin and Zack's jaw line so it's looking more like a boy.

Zack and I are doing well. We've been going to counselling for a few weeks now. It's pretty awkward, but I guess it's helping. Zack started some college classes a while ago and he should have an associates degree in the next year or year and a half. I keep trying to convince him to let me use his GI bill since his school is being paid for through a different program, but he's still not sure yet. I am working for 3 families right now but one basically fired me. She just didn't like my availability. It sucks because I was making $45 an hour with her. She said she'll still call me sometimes, but I haven't heard from her in weeks. The other family is really nice, but the kids are so full of energy I just can't keep up. They are always going up and down the stairs and I can only do that about 10 times before I feel like I'm going to pass out. It's steady hours though so that's nice. All I do lately is sleep and work. Sometimes we go to the funny bone because someone gets free tickets or we go out to dinner, but nothing really exciting happens. Hopefully summer makes things more interesting.

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