River (sonarvampress) wrote,

LJ Idol week 2: That One Friend

"Robin, this is Cole, he's a slut too" JR introduced me to an old friend of his. I laughed, because I knew who I was. I was the slutty friend. I embraced it because women should not be ashamed of their sexuality. I was against slut shaming well before it was cool. I embraced the term. My night ended with a game of truth or dare, Cole and I were dared to have sex as everyone else watched. I didn't care, as long as we had a condom. We threw a blanket over us and our friends eventually gave us some privacy. A few weeks later Cole went back to his home town and I moved on to the next guy.

When I was in high school, back when I had only ever had sex with my long term boyfriend, I was still the slut. I talked about my sexuality, I embraced it and so people thought surely, I had been around the block. It wasn't until years later that my friends told me about this, and I laughed it off. Like I said, no shame in my slut. I don't know who the last person was that I had sex with before I met my husband. Not because I don't remember names but because it was a threesome with a friend of mine and her boyfriend. Technically it was two last people.

Seventeen, that's my number and I'm not ashamed to admit it. Back when I hit that number at 22, it was a lot more impressive than now. I was number five for my husband. I wonder if he ever wishes he had a few more sexual adventures before we met. We were both still so young. JR is still single, and has long surpassed me in numbers. If you ask him though, I'm still that friend. He teases me now about the fact that Cole now looks like a homeless man or that I didn't give him the time of day because he was a relationship guy and I was a just sex kind of girl.

"Robin! I want to have sex with you!" Cody yells as we get out of the car. He's the slutty friend now. He puts his arm around my shoulder as we walk to the bar.
"it's too bad you're married, I'd love to see what's under that dress" I laugh again and think, if only he knew. People change, life goes on. He won't always be that friend. in another year he will be married himself. Hopefully he will look back on it all and smile because he lived his life to the fullest. I know I did.
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